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How do we care for our loved ones and retain a high quality of life? Regardless of our age or ailments, we deserve to live a life of choice, control and comfort.


Hi!  We are Risa and Kari, sisters who have been caring for our mother since 2001 after she suffered a debilitating stroke.  She now suffers from Parkinson's. Our father lives in a nursing home with dementia.  We have developed caregiving strategies, talked with top experts about aging and wellness, found innovative solutions from around the world and discovered well-designed and useful aids from Asia to help relieve the stress and struggle associated with caring for an elderly loved one.   

We want to share our findings with you.  We hope you will come with us on our journey!
Risa and Kari

We are living longer because of advances in healthcare and technology.
A longer life means we have a greater chance of living with a disability or chronic illness and will need assistance with daily life.  
Traditional models of care no longer work with 21st century lifestyles.  

Join us as we explore new and innovative ways to address the way we age and care for our elder loved ones.


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We interview top experts, visit cool facilities around the world, and check out some amazing innovations.

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Designed and imported from Japan, the Raku Hand Reacher Tool allows you to pick up, grab, place down with ease, precision and independence.  

 Imported from Japan, the anti-bacterial, super absorbent sheet will give you peace of mind as well as comfort for your loved one.

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