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Overwhelmed by the demands of caregiving or don’t know where to start? We are here to help.

Hi! We are Risa and Kari, sisters who have been caring for our mother since 2001 after she suffered a debilitating stroke. She now suffers from Parkinson’s. Our father lives in a nursing home with dementia after being diagnosed in 2016.

We develop caregiving strategies, talk with top experts about aging, caregiving and wellness, find innovative solutions from around the world and discover well-designed and useful aids to help relieve the stress and struggle associated with caring for an elderly loved one.

We want to share our findings with you. Join us on our journey!

In health and happiness,

Risa and Kari

How To navigate it All?


Where Are You In the process?

We are living longer because of advances in healthcare and technology. A longer life means we have a greater chance of living with a disability or chronic illness and will need assistance with daily life. Although many of the traditional models of care no longer fit in a 21st century lifestyle, there is some basic important information that everyone should know regardless of your age or ailment. See our list of the most frequently asked questions people based on your stage in the process.

Planning Stage

  • First steps to create a care plan?
  • When to start planning?
  • What documents do we need?

early Stage

  • What Is An Advance Directive?
  • Will vs. Living Will?
  • Mom needs help. Now what?

Mid Stage

  • What is palliative Care?
  • How To Manage belligerence?
  • How Can I self Care?

Late Stage

  • What Is Hospice?
  • Who Pays For Hospice?
  • Funeral Alternatives

Innovative Care

We provide busy family members and caregivers with new innovative solutions and revolutionary ideas from around the world to reduce the overwhelming stress that comes with caring for a loved one.


Holistic Care

We help overwhelmed family members and caregivers supplement western medical treatment, find alternative care, or holistic treatment solutions and suggestions.


Embracing Diversity

All families are different. When it comes to your care or caring for the older adult in your life, we believe that food, culture and language are integral for your well-being, treatment, and health.


The Modern Age TV

The Modern Age TV is a YouTube channel for those who seek new, integrative and holistic ideas and approaches to aging and caregiving with peace of mind. We provide practical tips from our near two decades of caregiving and interview top experts discussing everything from how palliative care can drastically change a patient’s quality of life to how to find love after 60. With 20+ years of experience in film and TV, Risa is passionate to share innovative and revolutionary ideas, rethinking how we age and live our later years with dignity, choice and comfort.

   No one ever wants to get the diagnosis for Alzheimer's Disease.   When my dad was diagnosed in 2016 for frontotemporal dementia, it was a mixture of overwhelm (we have been caring for our mom since 2001 who had a stroke and now has Parkinson's), sadness, …

 Do you know what advance directives are? When Mom had her stroke, we were in shock. She was a vibrant, independent, seemingly healthy 65 year old. She worked at the restaurant she created, did yoga, spent time with friends, took the dog on a walk …

My parents are artists. They are also Japanese so it is no surprise that beautiful, simple design and aesthetics were emphasized in our upbringing. In fact, to this day we often hilariously quote my father when we see something ugly.   “Why so uguri uguri?” he …

We are excited to kick off the series with a former boss from my days working at NYU. Mona Kreaden was a very caring boss. She helped me in so many ways personally and professionally. She was always polished, professional…and always single from the time …

Books We Recommend

We have compiled a helpful curated list of books that will provide valuable information, insight and save you time.

Medicare For Dummies

By Patricia Barry 

When Breath Becomes Air

By Paul Kalanithi

The Age of Dignity

Preparing for the elder boom in a changing America

By Ai-jen Poo 

Still Alice

By Lisa Genova

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