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Caregiver Stories: Diverse Voices

As part of the Modern Aging community, we want to hear from diverse voices that embody what it means to be a caregiver. Each contributor shares their story, what they learned from being a caregiver; what they wished they knew beforehand; what they worry about most; and how they self-care. These are common issues that bind us but how we handle these challenges are often very different depending on our families, cultures, situations, locations. We hope that by sharing their stories, you will find comfort and insight in your caregiving experience as well as possibly learn something new!

Alzheimer’s Disease and Family Caregiving Strategies

   No one ever wants to get the diagnosis for Alzheimer’s Disease.   When my dad was diagnosed in 2016 for frontotemporal dementia, it was a mixture of overwhelm (we have been caring for our mom since 2001 who had a stroke and now has Parkinson’s), sadness, anxiety and frustration.   But

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Live a Simple Life: Lessons from My Filipino Father

Contributor: Sheelagh Cabalda My Story – I had just started a new position with Gilda’s Club Worldwide, whose mission was to provide socio-emotional support to families living with cancer. That included not just the individual whose body the cancer invaded, but also all those around them affected by their cancer.

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Life as a Millenial Caregiver

  Contributor: Aisha Atkins My Story – In 2012, I landed my first “real” job after graduating from college. I experienced not only the nervousness of entering into the workforce, but also the harrowing process of attaining a diagnosis for my mother, who was exhibiting symptoms of behavioral changes and

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My Mother’s Cancer Journey

Contributor: John Wong   My Story – My mom was diagnosed with cancer in the September of 2015. It all started on vacation in California, playing with her grandkids when they discovered she couldn’t see out of her right eye. At first we were surprised and amused how funny grandma

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The Powerful Value of Ending Well

Contributor: Diana Chiawen Lee My Story – In March 2010, when my partner Graham turned 50, he was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer. At the time I was living in NYC, he lived in San Francisco. As a fiercely independent person, he refused to change his life or routine

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How I Created a Magnificent End…For My Dog

My pit bull Ray Ray is probably one of the most gentle beings on this earth despite the awful stereotype that his breed has.  He’s been dubbed the Buddha dog because of his calm nature.  Kids often make fun of him on the street because his tongue sticks out of his snout.  I would joke telling them that he got the wrong size at birth.  But Ray Ray of course doesn’t care.  People would either walk on the other side of the street, afraid of his big ol’ head and pit bull body or walk right up to him sensing his kind and gentle nature.

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