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One of the most loving things you can do for someone is to hold them to their dreams and a higher standard of fulfillment.

Millions of people have become suddenly unemployed. Others are dissatisfied with their performance, work challenges, or have their sight on different career goals. For people close to or in retirement, this may be impetus to start an encore career. Whatever your situation, if you feel out of alignment with your purpose, work, expectations or dreams, it’s time for a reset.

If you’re a business owner or leader, a Business Coach can guide you in creating the new strategies and plans that will overcome setbacks and build for long-term growth, sustainability and success. 

A Career Coach can support you in rising above your work challenges, eliminating issues in your performance, building stronger relationships, reaching the next level of responsibility, or pursuing new directions for greater fulfillment.  

Modern Aging Business Coaching and Career Coaching Programs have worked with businesses and individual professionals worldwide.  Our proprietary coaching approach has empowered organizations to successfully launch, turnaround and scale at all stages and sizes of growth and development, from entrepreneurial ventures up to Fortune 500 companies across consumer and business-to-business industries, non-profit and education.

Rejuvenate or Grow Your Business

What Your Business Will Gain

•  Alignment with industry and market changes

•  Clarity in goals, strategies and implementation 

•  Strategies to restore cash flow and profit margins

•  A roadmap to reach the next level of success

•  Launch plans for a new business, product or service

•  Increased customer acquisition and retention

•  Stronger leadership and influence

•  Processes to hire the right people

•  A positive culture with collaborative teamwork

You're A Right Fit If Your Business...

•  Is undergoing meaningful change

•  Needs strategic focus or fresh strategies

•  Is ripe for turnaround, reinvention or growth

•  Needs direction or support for a launch

•  Is willing to try new approaches

•  Has leaders ready to take action

•  Wants an accountability partner

Reinvent or Rebuild Your Career

What You Can Gain

•  A career direction with meaning and 


•  A plan to reach the next level in your career

•  Improved motivation and performance

•  Stronger leadership and influence

•  Elimination of blocks that limit you

•  Improved confidence and self-esteem

•  Healthier working relationships

•  Options and opportunities for retirement

You're A Right Fit If You...

•  Want greater success and fulfillment

•  Are ready to grow and achieve new goals

•  Are open to moving out of your comfort zone

•  Will take action and commit to results


•  Can change your mindset and habits

•  Want an accountability partner

Some Organizations We Worked With

“As a business and career coach, Susan Rosenthal knows her field hands down. You want to listen to what Susan says and honor her thirty years of experience in the global market. Susan is a heart-driven businesswoman who is expert at bringing things, thoughts and ideas into the world. Her wisdom transforms businesses, organizations and individuals. She gave me invaluable guidance to create a next level business model and plan for my business.  And, in helping me transform my business, I transformed myself as a leader.  Susan helped me see places in myself and in my business that needed shifting, and pinpointed actions to take, encouraging me to be exactly who I am and hold true to what I believe. Susan is astute, insightful, knowledgeable and brilliant.  She is also articulate, humorous, smart, empathetic, nonjudgmental and a visionary. Susan holds the space for endless possibilities, but with well thought out strategies and plans."
“I highly recommend Susan Rosenthal for both business and personal coaching.  She has a real talent for using active listening skills and wisdom to help you get to the heart of the matter (issue, opportunity, motivation) and then come up with an action plan.  Susan is also skilled at providing both positive assurances and new ideas that challenge you to move beyond old habits.  Susan gave me the guidance I needed to leave the comfort of an executive role and take a chance on doing something new in my career. With her guidance, I successfully negotiated a 50% increase in my salary by understanding my value.  Another time, Susan helped me find peace in the midst of a difficult family drama.  I am very grateful to Susan for her superb coaching and support.”
Carol Holliman
Director Professional Services, Fiserv
"I started working with Susan when I was facing a major challenge at my job. I was under extreme pressure and my relationship with my boss was strained. Susan provided the guidance, structure and support I needed to communicate my value and needs, and negotiate a mutually beneficial outcome. She helped me find my voice, discussion flow and words so I was effective. I felt much more confident. I communicated well and was understood."
Ellia Valentine
Computer Programmer
"During the two years we coached together, Susan positively impacted my real estate business sales and leadership. She provided practical strategic and tactical information that I immediately put to use, including breakthrough marketing and advertising approaches. Susan also helped me transform the way I think and conduct business. As a result, I’ve achieved more results with less effort. I’ve learned to manage my ego, overcome doubt and fear, and handle difficult relationships and confrontation with positive outcomes."
Ken Ravago
Owner, Real Estate Group Brokerage and Property Management

Susan has insight.  She has a kindness about her. She helps on many levels — mentally, spiritually, emotionally and brass tacks business acumen.  I could not have done it without her.  I’m so happy that Susan is on my team.

– Denise DeSimone, Author, Documentary Filmmaker, Business Owner

Meet Susan Rosenthal, Co-CEO, MBA, Certified Coach, CPCS

I believe that challenging times with significant events create opportunities for success and new beginnings in business and life.  Choosing whom you will be and what your business stands for during eventful times is an important decision.  Despite ongoing change and uncertainty, it’s time to dig deep inside and continue to dream big.  You want your career or your business to be a meaningful and fulfilling expression and mark on the world.

How Did I Get Here?

I have acted like a coach since I was young.  I was always a good listener; it came naturally to me.  Fast forward about twenty years, I embarked on a career in business with an MBA in Marketing, Finance and International Management from Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University.  I moved to NYC where I embarked on a corporate career in general management and marketing, working my way up the ladder at several international Fortune 500 companies.  In each role, I found myself coaching bosses, peers, and direct reports to be more successful, improve their relationships, and make better decisions. My business acumen, adaptability and negotiation skills enabled me to lead businesses and teams on five continents.  It was a fantastic journey until I burned out from the hours and travel.  My health faltered and I left the corporate business world.

I then left New York for a different pace, and worked with mid- and small-sized companies in leadership roles including Vice-President of Marketing, Senior Vice-President of Strategy, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and finally CEO. From here, I entered the world of entrepreneurship. I launched multiple online and office businesses, partnered in a startup incubator, helped businesses raise capital, and become a business consultant and coach, executive coach and angel investor. Despite the many changes and shifts along the way, coaching was a constant. 

As Co-CEO of Modern Aging, I enjoy combining my business leadership and coaching to support more people and organizations in realizing their dreams. 

You Have Questions? We Have Answers.

What Will We Work On?

You choose the specific goals and intentions to work on. Our process will include designing your strategies and plans, and how to implement them.

How Will We Meet?

We will meet weekly for 8 weeks by telephone, Zoom or Skype.

What Happens After the 8 Weeks?

After the end of the 8 weeks, we will evaluate the results achieved, and agree on action steps for the future.

What If I Miss a Session?

If you notify us within 24 hours or more before your scheduled session, we can reschedule the session for another time.

What Clients Say

Susan Rosenthal is a transformative business and professional coach. She has coached my business for 16 years, supporting my growing business with successful strategic business strategies, marketing plans, customer experiences and relationship management. Susan continues to provide solution-focused coaching, helping me pivot and develop additional business opportunities in this changing economic environment.
Claudia Moorad
Business Owner
When Susan and I met at a business event, I found her to be intelligent, insightful and highly talented in the business world. She has decades of wisdom and experience that she generously imparts. After I left my corporate position I hired Susan as my business coach to guide me in defining the business model, target audience and strategies for a new business. Susan then helped me plan and implement my ideas into a viable working business model with service offerings, marketing messages and business systems which became the foundation for my success.
Tim Luke
Owner and Licensed Real Estate Broker, ABC Realty Inc.
“From personal experience, I can hardly think of anyone who brings more to the table in business experience and acumen to coach clients and companies in developing and strengthening capacity and impact than Susan Rosenthal. It was nearly a decade ago that I invited Susan to serve as a Business Professor at the Center for International Learning in Oman. As Dean, I watched the great care she took to work with graduate students to develop their professional training and skills. Susan’s unusual capacity, particularly her passion and base of experience applied to each individual, is memorable to this time. I also appreciated Susan’s coaching skills and support when I published my most recent book, Peasants Come Last, about my experience as Director of the Peace Corps in Uganda. Susan obtained a publishing house and provided invaluable guidance and continued new thoughts for its national marketing. Susan’s strong character, skill sets developed over many years in the world of business and development, and the fact that she is plain fun to work with, allows me to highly recommend her to many clients in meeting their organizational and professional goals."
Dr. J. Larry Brown
Harvard University Faculty Emeritus
“Since the inception of Chances for Children International (CCI) four years ago, Susan’s coaching has been highly insightful and benefitted our organization enormously in strategic planning, marketing, communications and fundraising. Her business and marketing expertise continues to bring a wealth of knowledge and skills highly useful for an organization seeking to build a stronger presence and donations by reaching larger targeted audiences online. I’m always amazed at Susan’s intuitively good ideas and guidance. I’ve learned so much from her about what makes a compelling and effective communication, and how to build a more powerful marketing strategy. In addition to appreciating Susan’s unmatched skills and business acumen, it is always a joy to work with her. Susan is a positive, enthusiastic force with infinite creative ideas up her sleeve, and clearly believes that laughter is part of the process! We are delighted she accepted our request last year to become a member of CCI’s Board of Advisors.”
Judi Garfinkel
Chief Operating Officer, Chances For Children International

Fun Facts about me

•  Ever since I can remember, I have been interested in wellness and healing.  I enjoy sharing this knowledge with others.

•  At 13 years old, I chose my career because I love people and exploring the world.  I’m thrilled to have worked with businesses in 100 countries.

•  Besides travel and people, my passions are nature, outdoor sports, films and art.

•  I helped launch several business firsts in the U.S.: the first children’s toothbrush, the first online business banking platform, and the first mobile phone that offered Internet, video games and text messaging. 

•  I am especially proud to be on the boards of non-profits that fund schools and build health systems for impoverished communities in India, Asia, Africa and  South America.

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