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Dating After 60, Find True Love at 70: How To Fall In Love Again

Some of us may want to find love after the loss of a spouse. It is our innate human need for connection. I spoke with Mona Kreaden and Paul Lipton about their relationship – they are in their 70s and have been together for over a year. What works and doesn’t work in their relationship? How is the sex? How is the romance? I think you will be surprised by how candid they are!! Hopefully it will inspire others to get out there and find love after 60. You might be the recipient of a romantic love message! Romantic love is possible at any stage. There are some real benefits to dating after 60. Mona and Paul offer some practical tips on how to make a relationship work later in life.  

Senior dating is becoming more and more popular, especially as we increase our longevity. We want to all fall in love, regardless of our age. So step out of your comfort zone and be open to love being possible in your life.

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Recently retired, Mona Kreaden was an organization and program development consultant with extensive experience in the higher education, non-profit and private sectors. She has a broad background in consensus- and community building, teaching, counseling, and networking.

She was a working Board member of The Transition Network (TTN) ( a nonprofit organization catering to the transition needs of professional women over 50. Mona is a founding member of the TTN-HOME program—an initiative of The Transition Network’s San Francisco/Bay Area chapter for a community of senior women exploring their housing options.

Since returning to NY, she consults with Executive Directors and community leaders on mentoring and program development for 50-80 year olds in their respective communities; and acts as Strategic Advisor to the TTN leadership.

Prior to joining The Transition Network, Mona was Founding Director of New York University’s EQUAL Commission, an NYU initiative to Enhance the Quality of Undergraduate Academic Life (currently known as NYU’s Center for Teaching Excellence).

While working at NYU, she also served as Director of the Returning Adult Program at Gallatin—providing resource and support services for older undergraduate students’ special needs, and co-chaired Black History Month. She continues to serve on the Dean’s Council for the Gallatin School.

During the Camp David Accords in the early 1980’s, Mona acted as Executive Director for the Jerusalem Women’s Seminar, planning and administering seminars and conferences in Israel and Egypt among prominent U.S. and Canadian professional women and their Israeli and Egyptian counterparts to develop professional ties, promote cultural exchange, in order to encourage and facilitate intercultural dialogue and understanding.

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