This is Modern Aging.

How healthy are you really at midlife or after?

Are you really as healthy as you think you are?  Or maybe you are healthier than you are thinking?   Take our quick quiz and find out.


Remember that this quiz does not replace any advice your doctor or healthcare practitioner may give you.

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Which of these is most often your regular breakfast?


In a typical week, how much exercise do you do?


Which of these do you drink most often?


How many helpings of fruit and vegetables do you have in a typical day?    One portion is a cup or about 4 oz. – typically the amount you can fit in the palm of your hand.


Do you smoke or vape?


How often do you eat fish?


Which of these starchy foods do you eat most often?


Which of these desserts do you eat most often?


How much alcohol do you drink in a typical week?

A beer equal one glass.  An average size glass of wine equals one glass.


How often do you eat salty snacks?


How often do you feel like you got enough sleep?


On average, how many hours do you watch TV or sit at your computer a day?

How healthy are you really at midlife or after?

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This is Modern Aging.

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