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As part of the Modern Aging community, we want to hear from diverse voices that embody what it means to be a caregiver or care receiver. We talk with top experts about how we can manage care in new and different ways.  We hope that by sharing these stories and insights, you will find comfort in your care experience as well as possibly learn something new!

Advance Directives, Living Wills, Healthcare Proxy: Your Must-Have Healthcare Documents

 Do you know what advance directives are? When Mom had her stroke, we were in shock. She was a vibrant, independent, seemingly healthy 65 year old. She worked at the restaurant she created, did yoga, spent time with friends, took the dog on a walk daily. She laid in the emergency room and of […]

Amazing Japanese Retirement Home and Senior Living that You Will Want to Live in Now

My parents are artists. They are also Japanese so it is no surprise that beautiful, simple design and aesthetics were emphasized in our upbringing. In fact, to this day we often hilariously quote my father when we see something ugly.   “Why so uguri uguri?” he would ask. Haha. Yeah, my sentiments exactly. Why as we get older and we need more assistance, does the design often have to be so ugly and institutional looking?

Dating Success Over 60, Finding Love at 70: Rules on Finding Love Later in Life

We are excited to kick off the series with a former boss from my days working at NYU. Mona Kreaden was a very caring boss. She helped me in so many ways personally and professionally. She was always polished, professional…and always single from the time I knew her, and happily so. We lost touch after I left NYU and fast forward 20 years later, we recently reconnected.

What is Palliative Care? (Hint: It’s not Hospice)

I think many of us have heard of palliative care but there seems to be a lot of confusion on what it is exactly. That’s what we are going to clarify in today’s episode.  Dr. Heather Sung is a palliative care physician in Connecticut and shares what it is, how it differs from hospice and how we can incorporate palliative care in our treatment plans that can result in better outcomes and better quality of life.

My Mother’s Cancer Journey

Contributor: John Wong   My Story – My mom was diagnosed with cancer in the September of 2015. It all started on vacation in California, playing with her grandkids when they discovered she couldn’t see out of her right eye. At first we were surprised and amused how funny grandma didn’t noticed that. Her eye […]

How Medical Cannabis Works with Dr. Junella Chin

I have been curious about medical cannabis for many years. I've read articles and watched videos about it being 'miracle medicine.'  I've heard it has great results for patients with Parkinson's, epilepsy, cancer, autoimmune diseases, pain management, and the list goes on.  A friend introduced me to Dr. Chin and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to finally convince my mom that cannabis could potentially help her. 

What’s a Hospital in Japan Like?

I got to visit a hospital in Japan and it's called the Watanabe New Heart Hospital in Tokyo.  Wow.  This is the kind of hospital I wish we had here in the States.  The doctors and nurses treat you as though you are royalty.  The accommodations are fit for a 5 star hotel.  And the food?   Wow...the cafeteria food is like eating at a Michelin star restaurant!  I was certainly impressed and inspired.

How I Created a Magnificent End…For My Dog

My pit bull Ray Ray is probably one of the most gentle beings on this earth despite the awful stereotype that his breed has.  He’s been dubbed the Buddha dog because of his calm nature.  Kids often make fun of him on the street because his tongue sticks out of his snout.  I would joke telling them that he got the wrong size at birth.  But Ray Ray of course doesn’t care.  People would either walk on the other side of the street, afraid of his big ol’ head and pit bull body or walk right up to him sensing his kind and gentle nature.
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